Computer-Aided Design of Food Processes
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A follow-up Graduate Course on Computer-Aided Design of Food Products and Processes

Food is a complex biological material that goes through several physical and chemical changes during processing that can profoundly influence its properties. To model a food process accurately, we need to have precise understanding of not only the physical and chemical processes but also how that changes the parameters (such as properties) that go into the model. This has not happened yet. Will it ever happen? Yes. The big question is what will enable it to happen? Modeling in food processing perhaps has less dramatic future than, say, the aerospace industry. Thus, there is lack of driving force for developing modeling as a productivity tool. Still, simulation-based design is very much possible for food processes. My goal is to develop an integrated framework that will allow simulation of various processes in a non-empirical manner and combine this framework with a user-friendly interface to a simulation software so as to enable computer-aided design to product, process and equipment designers. I am trying to develop a textbook that includes all of these aspects and can be used in an advanced food process modeling course. I will be happy to discuss with anyone about it.