A First Course on Biotransport
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An Introductory Heat and Mass Transfer Course in the Biological Context

Curricula in biological and related engineering programs are rapidly evolving. The core of such curricula will include mass and heat transfer as one of the essential building blocks. It is important to teach the undergraduate with appropriate context and content. To satisfy this need, an introductory course was developed at Cornell University on heat and mass transfer in biological (including bioenvironmental) systems.

A Text


Text published by the CRC Press imprint of Taylor & Francis

A text was developed from scratch weaving in the appropriate processes and examples from plant, animal, the environment and industrial biological processing. The rationale behind the creation of the text and how it fits in emerging curricula with biological emphasis is presented in the preface of the text. Publisher contact for the text can be obtained here.


Errata sheet for the above text

An errata sheet containing changes to be made can be seen here.


Lecture Slides


Example of a Powerpoint slide of material from the text

The entire course, lecture by lecture, is on Powerpoint slides that I use to teach. I would be happy to share this with other instructors. One can be up and running this course in minutes using these slides.


Student Version of Lecture Slides


Student version of the same Powerpoint slide above

The entire set of Powerpoint slides version menioned above has a corresponding student version that has missing information. This reduces the amount of material that the student has to take down during a lecture while still emphasizing and requiring student attention in the more critical steps.


Solution Manual

A solution manual containing solutions to most of the problems in the text is available from the publisher to the course instructors. You are welcome to write to me if you are trying to obtain the solution manual-- I will pass the information to the publisher. I do have updates to the solution manual for which you can write to me.


Formula Booklet

A booklet containing all the major formulas in the text is available to course instructors. This can, for example, be given out during the exam so the students will not have to remember any elaborate formulas or these do not need to be repeated in the question paper.


Courses Using the Text Above

Following is a partial list of courses using this text or at least have used in the past. As you can guess, the list is not updated frequently.