Computer-Aided Design of Biomedical Processes
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A follow-up Course on Computer-Aided Design of Biomedical Processes

Design of products, processes and equipment is benefitting significantly from realistic computer-based simulation. It has now become possible to introduce undergraduates to such computation as a design tool. This course has been developed at Cornell University and taught since 1996. In short, the course includes a semester long design project using a CFD simulation software and the following lecture topics

  • Introduction to biomedical design and the role of simulation-based design
  • Generic aspects of problem formulation for the computer
  • Implementing and solving the formulated problem in a software (COMSOL, FIDAP)
  • Review of Governing Equation and Boundary Conditions
  • Source terms for various heat and mass transfer situations
  • Properties data-- accuracy, availability and choices
  • A short overview of finite element method
  • Applications to design of biomedical processes using case studies

A Co-Authored Text

An Introduction to Modeling of Transport Processes

Text published by Cambridge University Press (November 2009)

Dr. Vineet Rakesh and myself have developed a text for this course that we hope would be useful in either a junior or a senior course related to transport processes in any biomedical, biological, chemical and related engineering undergraduate program.







Detailed information on the course can be obtained here. Group design projects are the main emphasis and source of excitement. Past design projects can be seen on the same website.

Case Studies in the Text redone in COMSOL 4.1

Case Study 1, Case Study 2, Case Study 3, Case Study 4, Case Study 5, Case Study 6+Note, Case Study 7, Case Study 8, Case Study 9, Case Study 10.


Errata sheet for the above text

An errata sheet containing changes to be made can be seen here.


Lecture Slides


Example of a Powerpoint slide of material from the text

The entire course, lecture by lecture, is on Powerpoint slides that I use to teach. I would be happy to share this with other instructors. One can be up and running this course in minutes using these slides.



Solution Manual

A solution manual containing solutions to most of the problems in the text is being developed--write to me if you are an instructor.